My Stone Wave Cooker Review

stone wave cookerMy daughter is a vegetarian, my son is allergic to dairy and my husband is watching his weight. This means that I am constantly portioning out recipes so that I can customize everyone’s meal. . .and this makes me tired!

Sure, I can buy prepared or frozen meals, but they don’t taste as good and they are so expensive. I didn’t know what to do.

One my best friend served me the most delicious chocolate soufflé out of this pretty little crock. I told her that she shouldn’t have gone to so much trouble, but she just laughed. She made the desserts in a few minutes in her microwave, using the Stone Wave Cooker.

I bought a couple sets for my family and was blown away. Cooking with my microwave has never been easier, plus I can customize meals with ease.

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How the Stone Wave Cooker Works

The Stone Wave Cooker is an earthenware crock with a glazed inside and a vent on its top. Just add whatever food you want to cook and pop it in the microwave.  Heat moves around your food inside the crock, while moisture vents out the lid, preventing sogginess. Within minutes you’ll have a tasty, piping hot meal, dessert or snack.

Stone Wave Microwave Cooker Reviews

Here’s a video where you can see how easy it is to make an omelet in the Stone Wave:

Pros and Cons of the Stone Wave Cooker

Before you make a decision about buying your Stone Wave Cooker, check out these pros and cons:


  • Don’t pay high prices for prepared foods. Stone Wave cooks food up quickly.
  • The Stone Wave Cooker is a great way to regulate portion size, which is so helpful for folks on diet plans.
  • The cookers allow you to use your microwave to cook, rather than just heating or defrosting food.
  • Prepare so-called gourmet foods, such as soufflés or French onion soup, quickly and easily.
  • Do people in your family have food allergies? Keep allergens separate from other foods by using Stone Wave. . .no risk of contamination as you would get from a griddle or standard stovetop pan.
  • Handle stays cool while cooking, no potholder or oven mitt needed.
  • Individual crocks make it easy to prepare omelets to everyone’s taste.
  • Cook and eat from the same dish.


  • Individual sizing means that you’ll need more than one Stone Wave Cooker if you plan to cook for multiple people.
  • Designed only for microwave use.
  • Only one pattern means that your cooker may not match your kitchen décor.

Where to Buy the Stone Wave Microwave Cooker

Definitely buy yours online through the official website. You’ll get free bonuses such as an extra Stone Wave Cooker for the cost of extra shipping, as well as a recipe book that shows you how to make many tasty dishes in under 5 minutes! Plus, if you buy online, you get a money back guarantee that you won’t get anywhere else.

Final Recommendation

Stone Wave is a cool little kitchen item and I am so glad that I have them. They make cooking wholesome, from-scratch food for my family a lot easier. Plus, they let me use my microwave for more than just preparation tasks. I totally recommend giving Stone Wave a try!

Mushroom Soup with Beef

Chop one or two slices of roast beef lunchmeat into strips, or crumble cooked hamburger, into your Stone Wave cooker.

The Stone Wave ceramic microwave cooker is great for cooking quick meals to serve one in a mater of minutes. Learn more about it here:

Pour in 1/4 cup of canned, sliced mushrooms into the stone wave. Chop the mushrooms up more if you prefer. Then mix in a teaspoon of bee bouillon for a more rich flavour along with 3/4 of water.

Cover with the Stone Wave lid and microwave for four minutes. Cooking time may vary depending on the power of your microwave. Once cooked, let your Mushroom Soup rest for a few minutes to cool then enjoy.

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Baked Apple Oatmeal Recipe

Here is an extremely simple baked oatmeal with apple recipe made with the Stone Wave Ceramic Microwave Cooker.

Mix half a cup of quick cooking oats, tablespoon of flax seed, ground, one egg and a half cup of milk into a the Stone Wave cooking pot.

Stir well with a fork then add small, chopped apple pieces. Preferably red apple. Mix in with 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon and 2 teaspoons of honey.

Cook in microwave on high for roughly two to three minutes. Fluff with a fork, let cool for a few minutes and server with a little milk or plain yogurt.

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Stove Wave Meatloaf for One

Mix 2 tablespoons of 2% milk, 1 tablespoon of Ketchup, 2 tablespoons of quick oats, 1 teaspoon of onion soup mix in a small bowl.

Crumble 1/4 beef over the mixture and mix well then pat into the Stone Wave Cooker, sprayed with cooking spray so it is easy to remove once cooked.

Put the lid on and in the microwave on high for 3 minutes. Time will vary slightly depending on the strength of your microwave so continue microwaving until the meat is no longer pink.

Tip: Use a meat thermometer. Once the middle of your meatloaf is reads 160 degrees, drain.

Let your Stone Wave meatloaf rest for a few minutes to cool and enjoy.

Stone Wave Microwave Cooker

stonewaveThe Stone Wave microwave cooker is a type of cooking pot that is placed inside a microwave when preparing food. The cooker’s design enables you to prepare dishes quickly. The stone wave unique properties enables a wide variety of dishes to be prepared.

Features Of The Stone Wave Microwave Cooker

Material-Unique ceramic - The stone wave is made of a very unique ceramic. Heat spreads quickly and evenly through the ceramic hence enabling you prepare food within a very short time. The ceramic used heats two times faster than the ordinary ceramic.

Handle - Since the ceramic’s temperature after preparing a meal is very high, a handle is designed to protect your hands. Notably, the handle stays cool thus you can hold it immediately after switching off the microwave. However, a long time exposure to heat can raise its temperature a little bit-at this juncture we can say that it becomes warm but your safety guarantee still remains.

Chimney - The chimney is specially designed to allow steam to escape during the process of cooking. The chimney allows reasonable amount of steam to escape in order to protect the lid. The ability to regulate the amount of steam keeps enough heat inside to allow food to cook properly.

Domed lid - The lid enables heat to circulate evenly inside the stone wave. Caution should be exercised when holding the lid because it gets quite warm. You are supposed to use potholders when handling the lid.

Size Of The Stone Wave

The inner circle diameter is 4.5 inches. The entire stone wave cooker is 6.5 inches long and 3.5 inches high.

How To Use It

You start by placing the stone wave and its contents inside a microwave and cook the food on high power. The stone wave should not be used on stove top or conventional oven. It was designed to be used in the microwave only.

Advantages Of Using Stone Wave

  • Easy to use.
  • Enables you cook food quickly.
  • Form healthy meals.
  • It is non-stick hence a little amount of fats, oils and butter are needed to prepare delicious meals.

The only limitation associated with the stove is that you are restricted to use it in the microwave only. If you have a microwave then you will get to enjoy using it.


Dishwasher can be used and should be cleaned using warm water then rinsed thoroughly afterwards.


It will cost you $10 to acquire the stove plus the shipping cost of $6.99, so it’s a very affordable piece.

The cooker enables you make maximum use of your microwave.

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Stone Wave Cooker Recipes

Stone Wave Cooker RecipesIf you love to cook or like entertaining than you will love the stone wave cooker recipes. These are so cool and they are perfect to fit anyone’s needs. My one friend was hosting a party one night and she was looking for this really cool dish that she could try out for company. I recommended the slow cooker chicken and rice. I mean it was perfect. Chicken and rice is a traditional dish that most everyone loves. This recipe is so easy to make.

Chicken and Rice

  • Slice the mushroom and skin the chicken
  • Spray a skillet pan and brown the chicken pieces, mushrooms and onions fro about 15 minutes, on all sides.
  • Stir in the chicken seasoning, salt and bouillon and transfer to the slow cooker
  • start on low and when heated add in the rice. Than cook until done.

Than there is the baked macaroni and cheese

  • cook the macaroni in water with some salt and than once the water boils, remove and drain
  • in measuring cup add 2 cups of milk and cheese and than place in microwave. Heat for 4 minutes
  • Preheat oven at about 350 and spray the casserole dish. Place macaroni in dish.
  • Top with onions and repeat with the rest of the macaroni.
  • pour the cheese and milk on top.
  • bake with foil over it for 1 hour. Remove foil and bake an additional 30 minutes.

There is also the spicy stone fruit salsa

This is a great summertime dish

  • You can use any combination of fruits that you wish to use.
  • Combine the chopped peaches and the pitted cherries with the diced peppers and one lime.
  • If you like spice leave the ribs and the seeds in the peppers. if not, than remove them.
  • Let it sit at room temperature for about 20 minutes before serving.

These are just a few of the recipes you can get from the stone wave cooker recipes. So go online and check them out, tell your friends too.

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Stone Wave Cooker: Fast Meal In A Fast World!

Stone Wave Microwave CookerThe Stone Wave Cooker is taking the nation by storm! Surprisingly, this small, unique piece is finding its way into many homes and is serving up some really fast, delicious dishes. Popular because of its’ modest size, this miniature cooker is only 3.5″ tall and 6.5″ long. Its’ inside diameter measures only 4.5″. It holds 12 ounces which makes a meal for one its’ primary function. However, because of its size, multiple Stone Wave Cookers can be used simultaneously to create a meal for the entire family.

Customized with a chimney built into the lid, this amazing microwave cooker allows just enough steam to exit the food while evenly distributing heat throughout the entire dish. For most meals, the cooking process only takes a couple of minutes. An added bonus lies in the use of a ceramic, nonstick surface that allows the food to slide right out of the cooker as soon as it is ready to serve.

Included in the purchase of the Stone Wave Cooker is a bonus recipe book that includes a variety of recipes; all with cook times of 5 minutes or less. Offering ingredient lists and instructions for dishes such as soups, desserts, and omelets, this book inspires users of the product to experiment with ideas of their own. For those looking to create a meal for more than one person, the use of several of these cookers can make preparing a meal simple and extremely easy. Each member can personalize a dish to his or her own liking; making satisfying picky eaters a cinch!

There are many advantages to these amazing little microwave cookers. Besides being perfect pieces of cookware for individuals who are pushed for time, they are easy to clean and store as well. They can contribute to a healthy lifestyle by limiting the amount of food intake for an individual by providing smaller portions. They can also aid in the alleviation of leftovers or wasted food; saving money in return. These components, along with the fact that they are highly affordable at the low price of only $10 (plus shipping and handling) each, make the Stone Wave Cooker an essential tool in preparing a fast meal in a fast world!

Stone Wave Microwave Cooker Review A-Z

Stone Wave Microwave Cooker ReviewA Stone Wave Microwave Cooker review will show that the product is well worth the investment. The ceramic bowl-like items are shaped in a way that many can fit within even the smallest microwaves. The bowls keep the food hot and juicy when it comes out of the microwave, and an entire family of twelve can enjoy a full dinner cooked out of this ceramic-ware.

Each pot is coated with a material that protects the outside from becoming hot. This makes it very easy to transport each pot from the microwave to the table, and the food can be instantly served.

This as seen on television product can be easily priced at fifty dollars or even more, but it is now being offered for approximately twelve to sixteen dollars. Catching this product on television can be heard, but the next place to look is the internet. Certain sites may even have this item for half the price, and the customer will end up only paying eight to twelve dollars. The ceramic bowls are able to be shipped overnight, and the product can arrive on the doorstep of the customer within twenty four hours.

The pots are deep, so they fit as much food as possible within them; furthermore, the set comes with a few small dessert bowls. Desserts can be cold or hot, and they can even be eaten right out of the dessert bowl because the dish will not be hot at all. These are all the great benefits of this product. The price is very little, and the quality is amazing. This dish set is also long lasting and it comes with a warranty. Every customer who has tried this product has been satisfied with the results, and they are happy every time they use these pots.

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