Stone Wave Cooker Review

stone wave cookerMy daughter is a vegetarian, my son is allergic to dairy and my husband is watching his weight. This means that I am constantly portioning out recipes so that I can customize everyone’s meal. . .and this makes me tired!

Sure, I can buy prepared or frozen meals, but they don’t taste as good and they are so expensive. I didn’t know what to do.

One my best friend served me the most delicious chocolate soufflé out of this pretty little crock. I told her that she shouldn’t have gone to so much trouble, but she just laughed. She made the desserts in a few minutes in her microwave, using the Stone Wave Cooker.

I bought a couple sets for my family and was blown away. Cooking with my microwave has never been easier, plus I can customize meals with ease.

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How the Stone Wave Cooker Works

The Stone Wave Cooker is an earthenware crock with a glazed inside and a vent on its top. Just add whatever food you want to cook and pop it in the microwave.  Heat moves around your food inside the crock, while moisture vents out the lid, preventing sogginess. Within minutes you’ll have a tasty, piping hot meal, dessert or snack.


Here’s a video where you can see how easy it is to make an omelet in the Stone Wave:

Pros and Cons

Before you make a decision about buying a Stone Wave Cooker, check out these pros and cons:


  • Don’t pay high prices for prepared foods. Stone Wave cooks food up quickly.
  • The Stone Wave Cooker is a great way to regulate portion size, which is so helpful for folks on diet plans.
  • The cookers allow you to use your microwave to cook, rather than just heating or defrosting food.
  • Prepare so-called gourmet foods, such as soufflés or French onion soup, quickly and easily.
  • Do people in your family have food allergies? Keep allergens separate from other foods by using Stone Wave. . .no risk of contamination as you would get from a griddle or standard stovetop pan.
  • Handle stays cool while cooking, no potholder or oven mitt needed.
  • Individual crocks make it easy to prepare omelets to everyone’s taste.
  • Cook and eat from the same dish.


  • Individual sizing means that you’ll need more than one Stone Wave Cooker if you plan to cook for multiple people.
  • Designed only for microwave use.
  • Only one pattern means that your cooker may not match your kitchen décor.

Where to Buy the Stone Wave Microwave Cooker

Definitely buy yours online through the official website. You’ll get free bonuses such as an extra Stone Wave Cooker for the cost of extra shipping, as well as a recipe book that shows you how to make many tasty dishes in under 5 minutes! Plus, if you buy online, you get a money back guarantee that you won’t get anywhere else.

Final Recommendation

Stone Wave is a cool little kitchen item and I am so glad that I have them. They make cooking wholesome, from-scratch food for my family a lot easier. Plus, they let me use my microwave for more than just preparation tasks. I totally recommend giving them a try.

Stone Wave Microwave Cooker Review A-Z

Stone Wave Microwave Cooker ReviewA Stone Wave Microwave Cooker review will show that the product is well worth the investment. The ceramic bowl-like items are shaped in a way that many can fit within even the smallest microwaves. The bowls keep the food hot and juicy when it comes out of the microwave, and an entire family of twelve can enjoy a full dinner cooked out of this ceramic-ware.

Each pot is coated with a material that protects the outside from becoming hot. This makes it very easy to transport each pot from the microwave to the table, and the food can be instantly served.

This as seen on television product can be easily priced at fifty dollars or even more, but it is now being offered for approximately twelve to sixteen dollars. Catching this product on television can be heard, but the next place to look is the internet. Certain sites may even have this item for half the price, and the customer will end up only paying eight to twelve dollars. The ceramic bowls are able to be shipped overnight, and the product can arrive on the doorstep of the customer within twenty four hours.

The pots are deep, so they fit as much food as possible within them; furthermore, the set comes with a few small dessert bowls. Desserts can be cold or hot, and they can even be eaten right out of the dessert bowl because the dish will not be hot at all. These are all the great benefits of this product. The price is very little, and the quality is amazing. This dish set is also long lasting and it comes with a warranty. Every customer who has tried this product has been satisfied with the results, and they are happy every time they use these pots.

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